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Frequently Asked Questions

When to use quality check?

Quality Check is a service that will give you information about the quality of your document before sending it to the full receipt analysis process. Based on the same tools as the receipt analyzer, it 's a cost-reducing feature.

See how to send an image for quality checking for more information.

How do I export data to a spreadsheet?

For that we have a CSV export feature designed to let you export your data in a Microsoft Excel (or any spreadsheet software) compatible format. The generated CSV files contain all the receipt analysis data you want to retrieve.

See the dedicated documentation for more information.

How long does it take to process receipts?

On average, a receipt take 10 seconds to be processed.

However, this does not mean that 10 receipts will take 100 seconds to be processed!

See it as when you are buying groceries. If there are only a few customers, there will be only 1 checkout open. However, depending on the size of the shop, if there are a lot of customers there can be 20 checkout open, and all customers will be divided into the open checkouts.

We use the same queue system to process receipts.

If you send a batch of 100 receipts, they won't be processed one by one, Kweeri automatically "open more checkouts" to reduce the waiting time.

Good practices to send receipts to analysis:

  • Send receipts directly to the API
  • Send more but smaller batches of receipts
  • Link your receipts to an Endpoint or a Campaign

I get too many NOT_EXPLOITABLE receipts status


To know beforehand if a receipt is going to be NOT_EXPLOITABLE for sure (some might become not exploitable further in the analysis), use the quality check feature ! It costs 0,01€ per receipt with the Lite plan, and is free with the Regular and Custom plan.

If you have a lot of NOT_EXPLOITABLE receipts, there may be several reasons. This article lists different reasons often responsible for this flag.

First, we have a margin error.

However, there are several things you can check to make sure this can't be improved.

1. Check the quality

If the receipt is unreadable by a human, then our solution cannot read it either. We cannot imagine what is written in a really blurry picture or behind a crease.

Please read this article to ensure your receipts are of good quality.

2. Things written by hand

If there are annotations, circled words etc, our solution will try to read this too, and will obviously fail, so the receipt can come out as not exploitable.

3. The receipt format is new

If you are sending receipts from a sign we do not officially support, then the format of the receipt can be different from the ones our solution is trained for. If the format is different, then our receipt analyzer won't know where to look for the information, and won't be able to analyse the receipt data.

If this is your case, and you plan on receiving a lot of these receipts, do not hesitate to contact us at

4. The fewer changes you made, the better

This pretty much sums up the most important thing about receipts. Do not change the format of the receipt (send jpeg and not png), do not crop the picture, etc... Any change you can think of, please avoid them!

Why? Because raw pictures of receipts allow us to read the geo-stamp and time-stamp which allow us to know when and where the picture was taken. This can be useful to compare when the users bought the products and where does he probably live (place where the picture was taken). This helps you know the customer catchment area.