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What is Kweeri ?

Kweeri is a SAAS solution fully developed by Aboutgoods company. It's the world's first automatic receipt analyzer that also analyze products in depth. Its main goal is to be a Data Consumption SAAS Platform by providing two services :

  • Receipt Analyzer : Read, extract and analyze data from receipt/invoice picture.
  • Omen : Better understand analyzed data using an awesome dashboard. You can also link user data such as age and gender in order to have a better analysis of your data.

See the next section to understand deeper the Kweeri Services & Features.

What do you get ?

By using our system, our users are assured that everything is consistent and clear. We have created a unique format for receipt data that is shared across every part of the system.

With Kweeri, you get:

  • A fully automated process from image to data
  • Absolutely no human is involved in the process (except for our improvement process)
  • A fully SAAS based product, allowing our users to remain autonomous, without any action required from our side
  • A constantly evolving accuracy
    • We use the latest technology for our system, like NLP (Natural Language Processing) with Deep Learning and image treatments with state-of-the-art deep neural network.
  • Our system easily adds new product categories and improves its product detection.
  • A multi-country detection
    • We already offer support for 4 countries (France, Spain, Italy and Belgium).
    • We can add a new country (we simply need to validate that we can gather enough data from this country before)
  • The image analysis process is very fast compared to a human:
    ActionHumanKweeri - Receipt Analyzer
    Analyse complete receipt~15 minutes~15 seconds
    Detect only certain products in a receipt~1 minute~15 seconds
  • It is also more accurate:
    ActionHumanKweeri - Receipt Analyzer
    Deliver exact data from an image~60% accuracy (measured from crow-sourcing data)> 92%

Kweeri also works for a team: the organization owner can create and manage as many users as he needs.

What is the point of our web platform ?

Our web platform has an intuitive interface allowing you to easily manage the services of Kweeri. You will be able to send a receipt through a web interface and see the result in real time.

You are able to pay directly and easily via this platform and change your plan for the one that suits you the best.

Ready to rock 🎸 ? Get started with the User Interface 😃

How does it integrate into your back-end ?

Kweeri is also a REST API that you can easily integrate to your own services. Every feature is available via the web platform and via its own API.

Ready to dev 👨‍💻 ? Get started with the API 😃