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How to take great pictures of receipts ?

The quality of a receipt directly impacts the quality of the analysis. Here is a guideline to help you send great receipts to have good results.

General conditions

  • 🏙 Background should be contrasted (ideally dark), without pattern
  • ☀️ Sufficient luminosity and contrast (avoid black and white, filtered and binarized image)
  • 👓 No blur
  • 📷 Enough image resolution (we must be able to zoom and sufficiently read characters on the receipt).
  • 🖍 Avoid editing image (no pre-cropping, no metadata destruction like exif loss)

Position of receipt on the picture

  • The picture should be taken vertically with the normal reading orientation of the receipt (top of the receipt = top of the picture).
  • The receipt should represent a rectangle in the picture as much as possible. Avoid taking pictures in perspective. So be in front of the receipt as much as possible when taking the picture.
  • The receipt should be flat (rectangle!), no folds.
  • The receipt should present the integrality of the necessary information: avoid partial pictures.

We cannot analyze what is not on the picture.

Requirements on the receipt's quality

  • The receipt should be readable by human, without faded characters.
  • The receipt should not be wrinkled or damaged in any other way that affects the quality of the text.
  • The receipt should not have any added writings: no underlinings, circles, etc.
  • The receipt should not be folded or hidden in any part.
  • The receipt image should be as original as possible


We use the whole image to extract data, even its metadata: we can extract GPS information and more from exif metadata, so be sure to preserve those data when sending images to our system to get the maximum performance.

Picture examples

✅ Here is a good picture example:

🚫 Here are some bad picture examples:

  • Wrong orientation
  • Extra writings
  • Cut receipt (not all information can be found)

  • Background not unified
  • Receipt is not rectangular: wrinkled, not flat